The Savers 2nd Grade side turned up expecting a reasonably easy day out sitting in 4th spot and the ladder and Chatswood in 9th, but Chatswood had other ideas.

The first half ended at 0-0 with Chatswood probably winning that half with both possession and field position. It didn’t help with Savers halfback Chimi Fernandez sent to the bin mid way through the half.

The 2nd half was also a close contest yet both teams managed to cross the line with Chatswood halfback accepting an easy intercept from Day to score in the corner. The Savers pressured the Chatswood side after that resulting in a try to level the game at 5-5.

The last quarter saw Chatswood cross again to take a 5-10 lead and in the dying minutes. The Savers managed to cross after a series on penalties and a Yellow Card to Chatswood to level the game at 10-10 as Cherry pushed the conversion attempt to the right of the upright.

With only a couple of minutes on the clock the Savers were awarded a penalty almost in front and it sailed over for a 13-10 win to the Savers (the only conversion to be successful in the match.