Finally a decent Ref for a change and a psyched up Chatswood side who possessed a solid forward pack that could match the dominant Savers pack.

It was nice seeing Franco rewarded for his outstanding games in 2nds stepping up in the No. 10 jersey. It was a bit of a tussle visiting each others 22 during the first 20min of the game.

No 12 Jonte Kaplin scored in the 22min to get Savers on the scoreboard after CJ again took the ball off the back of the lineout to setup 12 m out with a penalty advantage the ball was swung left and two passes and we crossed. Franco Guimil missed the attempt at conversion.

33rd min excellent touch finder by Franco resulting is a mall that went wrong and a turnover. The next play finally saw the Men in Black form a rolling maul and a couple of phases later resulting in CJ crossing with a determined drive to the line. Franco makes the conversion and we are up 12-0 with a few minutes left to play in the first half.

Right before halftime after a couple of excellent phases and a nicely timed pass from Nick Brink sent Nico Cassani over in the corner for the Savers 3rd try of the first half. Conversion unsuccessful. Halftime score to the Savers 17-0

The second half started with both sides completing phases and holding possession, and Franco applying a kicking strategy to get the Savers into the oppositions 22 zone. 

In the 46min after a great turnover Cam McKenna know what was on and placed a great box kick over the top with a great bounce sending Rich Irving over for a 5 pointer. It was important for both side to cross first in the second half and thankfully it was Savers. Conversion unsuccessful 22-0.

After 56min after a penalty kick that resulted in a line out 5min out from Savers line Chatswood decided to go wide again and not take on the Savers pack and they finally scored in the corner 22-5.

After two consecutive penalties the Savers marched toward the try line and after several raids they finally crossed out wide with CJ backing up and always knowing where the play is going to be.

After a couple of ruck phases the ball was passed to CJ in the centre position and running a straight line was able to wrong foot the defence and break the line and have enough pace to get to the line for another 5 pointer, also improving the position for Franco. Kick successful 36-5.

In the 76min CJ was replaced at No 8 (to many trys I guess), and from that scrum Cam McKenna made a snipping run through the defence to unload to Jimi Amituani who set the ball up near the line and it was just a matter of sending the ball wide for Jonte Kaplin to cross for an easy try. 

In the dying moments of the game the Chatswood No. 13 made a break and busted a few tackles to cross the line, Ronnie would not be happy about that for sure. Final score Savers 41 Chatswood 10.

Solid performance overall however too many simple mistakes and conceded penalties still in my view and that needs to be addressed along with goal kicking in both grades as those points are crucial as we approach Semi Finals.